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The influx countered the trend of decreasing numbers of refugees in Zambia; the total numbers had fallen from 300,000 in the 1990s (the vast majority being Angolans, as well as Rwandans and Congolese) to around 113,000 due to repatriations.

Zambia also granted political asylum to twelve members of the Zimbabwean opposition party Movement for Democratic Change in advance of the second round of voting in the 2008 Zimbabwean presidential election.

"These days when you grow maize you are not sure about the yield.

Any conversation with young people about safe sex, anywhere in the world, is likely to feature a group of sniggering boys asking you what the best positions are.

Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe harshly criticised his Zambian counterpart Levy Mwanawasa for taking in the white farmers, whom he called "racist colonialists".

Zambian agricultural minister Mundia Sikatana offered praise to the Zimbabwean farmers for training up locals, but implicitly warned them against racism, reminding them that "they have got to take their Zambian employees for what they are, human beings." This has led to further tensions as Zimbabweans who formerly worked in tourism-related industries on their own side of the border have crossed over to the Zambian side and compete directly with their Zambian counterparts.

These are the concepts that young women in Zambia are grappling with at the Young Women's Leadership Camp.

Patriarchy – through institutions like the family, tradition and culture, education and the media – controls women’s sexuality as a way to maintain power and the status quo.

"On average I make close to 500 kwacha () on a good day," said Mwenda, who agreed to be interviewed on condition that her real name was not used.

"This is the kind of money I could only make (once) in a year from farming," she said, explaining that once the cost of fertilizer, labor, transport and seeds was deducted, she was left with very little money from her harvest.

In a context where conservative religious beliefs and politics are woven into the social fabric, the choices for young women are limited.