IT IS BARELY MIDDAY AND THE THEATER OF THE flesh is well under way in one of Thailand's notorious red-light districts.

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The Home of Body Building exudes a sour sweat from the hall where older men are eyeing prancing young boys.

But in a nearby shelter for former prostitutes the scene is demure, as girls settle down for group therapy.

As he lifted the DVD and carried it toward an open computer tray, grim memories trudged through his mind.

Ryan knew that in his job, DVDs crammed with thousands of images of young children’s bodies usually depicted a choreography of vile and depraved crime scenes. "I don’t know if I can do (review) a whole DVD disk, 4.67 gigabytes of a baby being raped," Ryan said to himself.

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He and other agents agreed to talk about the bureau’s specialized team of child pornography and sexual abuse crime fighters in New Jersey — providing a rare glimpse into a world the public never sees and detailing the stress it exacts on the agents.

Like colleagues across the country, these agents spend days and nights immersed in a depraved, internet-based society that encourages and trades on the monstrous abuse of children.

It is hard to imagine that not long ago these children, aged 11 to 14, worked as prostitutes, used by men three and four times their age. She cried a lot." The words pour out louder and faster. Drained by her anger, Lek throws herself on the floor.

As soon as Lek sees her photograph, the quiet 12-year-old girl is transformed. She has never told her life story, but now she belts it out. "This girl was 10 and she was sold to a woman called Auntie. Auntie beat her and made her work." Lek grabs a stick and begins striking the air with every new point. She worked every day, there were many men, Thai men, foreign men. Next to her, Sister Michele, a young Catholic nun from India, bends down to cradle the girl. In the four years she has worked with prostituted children, moments when the children let out their pain are very rare.

This scene — and others that follow — are taken from a long series of interviews with Ryan and other FBI agents.