The reason Mr Cameron was on a dog sled was that it was the only way of making the three-hour trek to Svalbard's Scott Turner glacier, which has retreated to half of its mass over the past 100 years.Some Norwegian glaciers have had the confusing habit of expanding over the past few years, making the implications of Norwegian glaciers for global warming hard to read.

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However, Sam Smith, the Arctic programme director of the conservation organisation WWF, who accompanied Mr Cameron to Svalbard, said most glaciers in the world were retreating.

The ones that were expanding were consistent with predictions that precipitation of snow would go up in some places, with a rise in temperatures, she said. Certainly, the rise in temperature in Svalbard over the past 100 years has been 1.4C, twice the global average.

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They fear Mr Cameron's snowbound adventure will be seen as a photo-opportunity that will serve only to reinforce the impression that he is a nice chap without any firm policies.

While the Tory leader was inside the Arctic Circle with polar bears and huskies, Tony Blair was on the campaign trail in north-west London taking tea with pensioners who will be voting in the English local elections on May 4.

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