When The Jungle Book opened to rave reviews on Friday, packed audiences were treated to a galaxy of star names – or their voices at least.But no one in the lavish CGI production had more magnetic quality or sheer presence than Idris Elba, the growling voice of Shere Khan, the tiger who hopes to become king of the jungle.

This week he separated from his 28-year-old girlfriend Naiyana Garth — the mother of his 22-month-old baby son, Winston.

He has moved out of the family home in South-West London, and into a rented flat nearby.

His star has only continued to rise with roles in big movies like Thor, Prometheus and Beasts of No Nation.

He's also breaking into voice acting with roles in Zootopia, The Jungle Book and Finding Dory. He's been dating Naiyana Garth since 2013, although they broke up in early 2016.

The two had been introduced by a mutual friend in 2006.

Not only was Sonya glamorous, she was an accomplished and ambitious lawyer, and seemed to represent the better life to which Elba, who was born in a Hackney tower block, aspired. By that stage, he was well-known in America through his role on The Wire, an HBO crime drama set in Baltimore, but success had been hard-won.

Once murmurs of Hollywood love are in the air, it’s hard to silence the whispers. After reports surfaced this weekend that Elba and Madonna were spotted kissing at London’s M Restaurant (per the story includes Madonna’s good-humored Snapchat selfie of the two, with the message, “I kicked his butt.” A source in the story notes that the two “had only eyes for each other” while at the restaurant following Elba’s boxing match.

This is not the first the world has seen of this duo.

On Saturday evening, Madonna sat ringside as Idris did battle at Bethnal Green’s York Hall – and posted a short clip of the fight on Instagram.