Find someone worth finding in Omagh with e Harmony Over 40,000 registered users in Northern Ireland; see who you’ll be matched with today At e Harmony the power is in your hands.Get matched with people within 30 miles of Omagh, throughout the UK or anywhere in between. Join for free and discover your matches today Currently home to a large population of singles; dating in Omagh can be an enjoyable experience. Here are some ideas to consider for when you meet your potential match.Visitors are taken on a journey (not quite as literally as the settlers themselves) from original thatched houses to a recreation of the crowded ships which took them across the Atlantic. Enjoy discovering some local history with this museum and take advantage of spending the whole day with your match.

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One of the greatest attractions in the area – and one which would make for a fun day date setting - is Ulster American Folk Park.

An outdoor museum, it explores the lives of the Irish immigrants who set sail from Ulster to America throughout the 18th and 19th centuries.

If the weather is nice, why not ask your date to meet you in Grange Park?

Handily located near the town centre, this pretty bit of green would be a perfect spot for a low-key get together.

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