Alicia and her family proudly looking at baby Genesis Alicia and Swizz, whose real name is Kasseem Dean, welcomed Genesis shortly after Christmas and announced his arrival by sharing a photo of his tiny footprints. " "Blessings #Genesis Ali Dean #Deanboyz" Just over a month after Genesis was born, the couple enjoyed a date night together. love of my life @therealswizzz." Alicia and Swizz married on 31 July 2010 on the French island of Corsica and the duo welcomed son Egypt three months later on 14 October 2010.

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It’s all about creating a positive environment for all of their children.“You know what I think it really is?

It’s about the kids: When everybody is able to be an adult, which we all are able to be, and we’re able to really recognize that actually, there’s a beautiful value about the way that we can all influence each other’s lives and the lives of the kids. And it’s fatherhood and motherhood and it’s friendship.

If the second night of the 2016 Democratic National Convention seemed vaguely anachronistic, it wasn’t just because of the primetime appearances of ’90s politicians Bill Clinton and Madeleine Albright.

Singer Alicia Keys, who last had a Billboard hit with 2012’s “Girl on Fire,” was also at the DNC, speaking on a panel about civil rights and then performing in a coveted slot right after the former president’s speech.

Well, it looks like the smoke has finally cleared and Mashonda is ready to place nice.

The thirsty paparazzi were on hand during a recent family vacation to St.

It's wild -- nearly 5 years ago, Mashonda wrote a nasty open letter to Alicia in the wake of her divorce from Swizz, blaming Alicia for taking part in the affair that destroyed her marriage and family.

From the letter, you'd think Mashonda and Alicia would be enemies for life -- but the photos tell a much different story.

Barths for Spring Break and they managed to snap this shot of Swizzy puckering up to his wifey Alicia while Mashonda sat Never thought we’d see this day! Nevertheless, it’s good to see that the ladies worked things out for the sake of their children, who are brothers for life after all.

Check out a few more blended family photos from their trip of Alicia with her bikini bawwwdy on blast along with Swizz, Mashonda and the kids having some fun in the sun on the flip.

They can really see that they have more than one woman to look to and say, ‘What can I learn here? It’s really, really important and I think it’s so beautiful. And it can work when everybody really wants to do the right thing for the children.”Big ups to everyone involved for being able to get past what was a messy situation to do what was necessary for all the little ones involved, especially Tifrere.