Kate was out in NYC promoting her return to TLC with "Kate Plus 8" when she mused about…

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Kate Gosselin’s house was renovated to accommodate the large family.

They appeared in a couple of shows after that, but they struck gold with the show, Jon and Kate Plus 8, which aired on Discovery Health. They received payment to appear on the show, which was later shifted to The Learning Channel [TLC] and picked up for multiple seasons afterward.

If you are wondering what Kate Gosselin has been up to, don’t sweat over it. Though known primarily for her TV show, Jon and Kate Plus 8, Gosselin has now become a bestselling author, as well.

At least that’s what Gosselin has been saying in some of her recent TV appearances.

Millionaire Dreamstime (dot) com co-founder Jeff Prescott, 53, who dated Kate a year or so ago, confirms he is going to get re-married.

star, 41, last September after nine months as a couple.

but especially when your kids don't want anything to do with you.

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Things went bad in 2009, when Jon and Kate decided to divorce.

Kate Gosselin’s kids got to stay with her and a new show, Kate Plus 8 began.

The guy's a household name, but his latest job is working as a stripper.