But for me, it's more like, I go to work, I do a job, I play a role, and then I go home. I know there are a lot of people who like to get very involved in their characters, but I, personally, find it too involved.

I just like to do it as a job—and it's my job to make it look real.” say his movie accent, thanks for noticing that.

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But they’re also described as steadfast, honorable, and unfailingly polite. Before all that, however, Cavill appears onscreen as a character who couldn’t be more different from his clean-cut Kal-El.

This month he plays the cynical, debonair thief-turned-super-spy Napoleon Solo in Having claimed the mantle of cinema’s ultimate good guy, is Cavill now also angling to take ownership of the most charismatic jerk in cinema?

It’s fitting, because Henry Cavill is a very English Englishman. So it came as something of a surprise, back in the U. in 2011, when Cavill was cast as the all-American Last Son of Krypton in origin story, in which Cavill’s carefully controlled moral turmoil suggests that Superman’s true superpower is a stiff upper lip.

Born in Jersey, the idyllic island in the English Channel (not the industrial zone adjacent to New York City) and educated at Stowe, the private boarding school, Cavill embodies what his fellow countrymen would identify as “officer class.” Men with Cavill’s privileged upbringing and schooling are often accused of being snobs. His compelling performance established Cavill as an A-lister, cementing his spot in next year’s sure-to-be-blockbuster movies.

A few days later, Cavill received a package from Crowe that included a signed photo that read: "Dear Henry: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." 4.

The Dating Game Cavill, 32, is currently dating a 19-year-old college student named Tara King, whom he brought to the premiere.

The couple made their first public appearance together back in October at a rugby match at Twickenham Stadium in London, but haven’t made it official to the media until this past weekend’s festivities. You’ve gotta play your cards exactly right.'” The former actor also said that their 13-year age difference is a non-issue, “People say, ‘Age is just a number.’ A lot of times it’s not just a number.