I'm still with my girlfriend, we've been together now going on eight years and we have a kid together," he admitted.

PHOTOS: THE CURSE OF REALITY TV STRIKES AGAINBut, probably the most shocking confession of them all? We knew it was kind of wrong yet we felt it was kind of natural," he revealed.

's "Botched," and most recently, a contestant on "Celebrity Big Brother." However, Pollard is heading back to her roots at VH1 and will be staring in "Family Therapy," for which she will star alongside her mother, who is also a reality TV fav.

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The biggest fear in those days was, in a competition elimination show, are the cast members stable enough to not be a harm to themselves if they lose, or a harm to others?

For the second season, it was women lined up around the corner for casting calls. But it takes more time in the process to really weed out why this person is there. You can only act like you’re interested in Flavor Flav for so long. This is actually something two of my casting friends and I have talked about through the years: Who found Tiffany Pollard? I won’t say who it was, but one woman, I asked her, “What was the freakiest thing you’ve ever done?

In his new memoir, the rapper, whose real name is William Drayton, is shockingly candid about his past life experiences with drug use, reality TV fame, children and losing his virginity.

The 52-year-old told Pop Eater that he used to spend ,600 on drugs every day for six years.

" week -- where Cris opens up about the struggle he once faced booking some of these series. And be sure to check back in tomorrow to see what Bret Michaels and the women of "Rock of Love" are up to these days.

While Flav didn't end up with any of the women from the show in the long run, he says he is still with the lady he showed up with to the Season 3 finale, Liz Trujillo. I brought her on the show and my little son, we had just had a baby," he explains.

Nowadays, Flav is well known for his role on several VH1 reality shows, including "The Surreal Life," "Strange Love" and "Flavor of Love."He mentions that none other than MC Hammer helped him with the launch of his TV career.

"I asked MC Hammer for his advice and he said I should do ["The Surreal Life"] because if I do it then great things could happen afterwards like it did for him and he was right," he said.

Flav also discussed being in a relationship during the taping of his reality dating show."Well I'm an entertainer, my job is to bring America good TV.