While the other judges strike various poses to go along with Mulhern’s rhymes, Cowell stands upright, with a blank look on his face.

One viewer said: “Can someone save Kasim from Emma please?

” Another fan added: “Kasim is scared s***less of Emma, you and me both Kasim!

‘I have met someone else, and I have been out a couple of times,’ she announced.

The actress, 25, has never publicly confirmed the relationship but is believed to have been dating the American tech entrepreneur for 18 months.

‘I just went home and sat there and thought what has happened to me?

I just got really poorly, I haven’t faced anything for 16 years.

Referring to when Mulhern had water chucked at him when he compared Holden to socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein, reports said that Simon Cowell had to split them up.

However, Mulhern dismissed the reports, saying they were “nonsense.” Talking about the reports on ITV’s This Morning, Mulhern said, “I made a joke- which we spoke about the other day- Simon didn’t have to calm us down or anything like that.

could be lining up a new victim for villainous Emma Barton when Leyla Harding gets on the wrong side of her after Christmas.