Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink, playing Andie Walsh, the redhead from the wrong side of the tracks, in love with a "richie." "If somebody doesn't believe in me," she tells him, "I can't believe in them."Writer-director John Hughes certainly believed in Ringwald. I applied and got accepted, but went to Paris instead. I went there for work, but I fell in love with Paris—and then I fell in love with a guy from Paris. I learned to speak French, worked in French, and traveled all over. You were making all these movies, and then just left the business behind. Is there a prejudice against redheads in Hollywood? Plus, I was always too curious about life and education. I knew that if I went down the road of drugs and alcohol that I would basically die. I think I'd have to wait until certain people are gone (laughs).

He put her in that picture and two others, Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club, making her a star. There are those movie actresses who are going along just fine and then, suddenly, they do something entirely different in their careers. Well, it seemed as though I'd never really lived out of the public eye. I signed a two-book deal with Harper Collins, so I'm thinking about the next one. When Sixteen Candles was released, it was criticized for stereotyping Asians because of Gedde Watanabe's role as the exchange student, Long Duk Dong.

By the summer of 1986, she was memorialized on the cover of Time as America's princess and "the exemplary California teen."After Hughes suddenly passed away a year ago this month at age 58, Ringwald wrote about him on the New York Times op-ed page (and isn't it just like Molly Ringwald to grow up and write a Times op-ed? You've written a book full of advice, especially for young women. I don't think I've ever been good at following other people's advice or counsel. For a long time, I was very career-driven and famous here. A script came across my desk, and I can't recall if it was even a firm offer or not. Pretty Woman is what it is because of Julia Roberts. Warren enjoys taking a differing and surprising point of view on occasion. There's a certain moral confidence that you bring to your roles. I think I have a very strong moral compass, and it may have come from religion. One of the news stories at the time quoted some in the Asian community as being "horrified, shocked, and offended." What do you make of that criticism now?

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Hall pour le personnage de David, le fils homosexuel de la famille Fisher.

C'est ainsi que l'acteur décroche son premier rôle régulier à la télévision, qu'il tient pendant cinq saisons.

At one point during the panel, the moderator prompted the cast to play "Kiss, Marry, Kill" -- an idea that Carpenter did not take well to.

"I don't want to play," she demurred, laughing.

à l'Université de New York et a souvent joué dans les théâtres de cette ville, notamment dans la célèbre pièce de Shakespeare, Macbeth.

Puis il se produit à Broadway en 1999 dans Cabaret mis en scène par Sam Mendes, Sam Mendes, avec qui il avait travaillé sur American Beauty, lui suggère Michael C.

I will stand by him, along with his family, 100 percent.

Fall Farewell event sponsored by Samsung Smart TV on Thursday, Sept.

12 -- and not just because the Showtime drama is nearing its much-anticipated conclusion after eight seasons and seven years on the air.