Some of the lyrics are fairly ambiguous while others come direct from Golgotha: “I question why you chose to die when you knew your truth I would deny.” In the album liner notes, Paul Mc Coy commences his acknowledgments thusly: “First I would like to thank Jesus for guiding my steps and opening my eyes.” Paul’s fellow band members profess similar beliefs, although proselytizing is not part of the master plan.Then came Evanescence, a rock band from Arkansas that shares a religion, a record label, producers (former Mandeville resident Dave Fortman and North Hollywood’s Jay Baumgardner) and an attorney with 12 Stones.It is awesome.” Helped by another successful “You Tuber” called Stampy, she created an avatar called Amy Lee thirty3 and started posting onto the video sharing site.

In the gloomy climate of current record retailing, Evanescence has been 2003’s only ray of rock sunlight.

Katie appears to be the first leading lady on Will's arm since he split from comedienne Amy Poehler in September of last year.

Jack is the first child for both Amy and her spouse after being married for seven years.

In January, the 32-year-old singer shared the happy news that she was expecting a baby with her followers on Twitter. "Since then, Amy has used her social media pages to share photos from the baby's new nursery, which features a hand-painted mural of a mother giraffe kissing her baby.

News has exclusively learned that Will Arnett has been cozying up to celebrity chef Katie Lee.

The magazine about his newfound single status, saying "I've found my happiness," and revealed his recent "obsession" with the gym."If going to the gym obsessively for eight, nine months was my way of dealing, then let that be my worst problem," Will told the mag."Life is challenging, and I'd say that there's no guidebook—but there's about a million guidebooks out there."And considering Katie's impressive skills in the kitchen, it looks like Will may still need to maintain his relationship with the gym!“I can pay my bills and still have enough to have some fun,” she told The Telegraph.It all started about a year ago when she started playing a popular computer game called Minecraft.The idea was to couple Evanescence’s female vocalist Amy Lee with 12 Stones’ Paul Mc Coy and the result was “Bring Me To Life,” a rock anthem that has ruled the charts—all of the charts—for months.It’s one of those “overnight” success stories that can only happen in rock music, where one minute you’re in the garage and the next, you’re on stage at Radio City Music Hall, presenting Video Music Awards.The two first went public with their relationship back in May and reportedly met on the set of her hit show, where Kroll has a recurring role as "The Douche." How ironic!