After a closer reading, and upon further reflection, the amendment's underlying complexities rise to the surface in the form of persistent questions that have nagged the legal system over the last two centuries.

What kind of law "respect[s] the establishment of religion"?

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Is Freedom of Speech synonymous with freedom of expression, such that the right to condemn the U. government extends to offensive symbolic actions involving no written or spoken words, like burning the U. If not, can the government prohibit the publication of such material before it goes to print? Its answers have not always produced unanimous, or even widespread, agreement around the United States.

But the Court's decisions have provided a prism through which U. citizens have examined the appropriate limitations society may place on the freedoms protected by the First Amendment, and have sparked colorful and spirited discussions among friends and family members, as well as politicians and their constituents. In the Wiccan and Neo-Pagan communities, a "fluffy bunny" is often defined as someone who either "plays" at spiritual practices, or wallows in bland, uniform niceness, or focuses more on fantasy, art, and fiction, rather than factual information or "genuine spiritual development." They are also frequently viewed as fadish or superficial, and often as willfully naive or willfully ignorant.After some thought I decided to assemble a list of things that people more or less agreed the term fluffy bunny is associated with. Establishing whether someone is truly a "fluffy bunny" can be difficult.More importantly, can people agree on what is meant by the word religion so that judges may know when religion is being "established" or when the right to its "free exercise" has been infringed? In the area of free speech, does the right to speak your mind include the right to use offensive language that could start a fight or incite a riot? Does Freedom of the Press protect the right to publish scurrilous, defamatory, and libelous material? Supreme Court has confronted most of these questions. There is a set of tendancies that are considered characteristic of fluffy bunnyism. It is true that to assume that humanity is composed of people, who each have their good points and valuable abilities, and who ultimately would like to work together, smile on one another, and play in harmony together on the grand universal keyboard in order that all are happy and fulfilled is not quite born out by history.