The group of employees who have held national strikes against the world's largest retailer says the food drive is proof Walmart doesn't pay associates enough to survive.

Costco’s average hourly wage currently stands at over $20/hr, well above the nationally mandated minimum wage of $7.25. They offer generous benefits packages to staff, and participate in employee-matching for 401k. That’s a huge positive impact on the workers of the retail industry.

And recently, with Costco’s announcement that they’ll stay closed on Thanksgiving Day, it seems they can do no wrong, in terms of workers’ rights.

I, the happy, bubbly, social person on one side; my partner, the quiet, brooding, isolating one.

And on those rare nights we could sneak out for a meal or a drink, I would grow resentful when the Eeyore cloud starting pissing all over our parade. And yet, at that moment, I felt completely blindsided by the news.

It was early July, and we were on our way home after a botched date night.

My spouse's mood was off, once again; this chronic melancholy, this little Eeyore cloud hanging over our lives and saturating everything in miserable little droplets. The unhappiness had put a wedge between us for years.

The Walmart on Atlantic Boulevard in Canton is collecting food for employees who can't afford Thanksgiving dinner.

The company said this is proof that employees look out for one another.

(Insert rainbows and plaid shirts here.)same-sex marriage revelation was a perfectly comfortable shift for me. After nearly 23 years together, I finally have my whole partner, not just the part she wanted to show me.

And that While I know there are many horror stories out there about what happens when people come out, we haven't dealt with a single one yet.

I didn't know how this would affect our family, the kids, his job.