In their pursuit of terrorists, government intelligence agencies leave no digital rock unturned: telephone calls, emails, text messages, blogs, news sites – they monitor them all.Sometimes, as with social networks like Facebook, the companies behind these services gladly hand over data to governments to assist in this hunt.

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Some of the greatest rivalries have come out of the video game industry: Midway's Space Invaders against Atari's Asteroids. And it's between companies most people have never heard of over a technology few have even tried: virtual reality.

Now the next great battle for leadership of the video game industry is starting.

Avakin Life VR has just launched for Google Daydream VR and here you can watch 30 minutes of gameplay in VR Avaking Life VR is a role-playing game that puts you in a beautiful virtual world that is for you to explore and meet new friends! Here’s how the developer describes Avakin Life: Dress up your avatar, design and decorate your home.

Buy new clothes, discover new, amazing brands and create your own perfect outfit.

…and somewhere in those millions are terrorists looking to plot the next big attack against Western civilization.

That’s right, terrorism has been chased into using virtual reality as its staging grounds.

Although you may see “Girls” as the most popular type of VR video in every app, those “porn-ish” videos always get the highest views.

These companies are really good at playing and scrapping these rules, in Chinese we call it “edge ball”.

In the past year, nearly every major tech company has announced or hinted at plans to take real steps into the emerging market for VR, which immerses goggle-wearing users in three-dimensional worlds -- and often feature gee-whiz graphics tied to the hottest games. But the competition is likely to be fiercest between two camps: Facebook's Oculus and video game developer Valve, which has teamed up with smartphone maker HTC.