At Thursday’s meeting of European Union defense ministers all five of the bloc’s biggest economies (minus the U.

K.) were represented by women — a coup completed by the fresh appointment of Sylvie Goulard as the defence chief in French President Emmanuel Macron’s government.

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Achieving success in that proceeding requires that you be just as knowledgeable and well prepared.

Though they do not interview you, centralized board members, nonetheless, review and assess your character, physical traits, intellectual skills, and professional qualifications.

Our program experience includes supporting a wide variety of land, air, and sea-base platforms.

GGS specializes in Integrated Logistics Support (ILS); Reliability, Availability, Maintainability (RAM); and Reliability Centered and Maintenance (RCM). • Reliability, Maintainability Engineering/Analysis—All phases of Reliability, Availability, & Maintainability (RAM) analysis, development, and reporting including Failure Modes & Effects Criticality Analysis (FMECA), Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (FMEA), Design/Process Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (DFMEA/PFMEA), Fault Tree Analysis (FTA), Reliability Block Diagram analysis (RBD), FRACAS analysis & metric reporting.

Former military personnel have the skills and values we depend on: Courage. As you transition into civilian life, we want to help build your career by giving you a mission: Empower people to change the world.

A third of our workforce is made up of veterans, Reservists, National Guardsmen and women, and other military backgrounds.

Not one of them has any kind of military background.

Von der Leyen is a doctor by training whose first political appointments were in the traditionally “female” area of social policy.

In 2015, Tiffany Barnes of the University of Kentucky and Diana O’Brien of Indiana University studied the practice of appointing female defence ministers — more than 40 countries have done this so far, some 30 of them picking the first woman for the post after 2000 — and came to the conclusion that though the total share of female politicians and top executives in a country predicts the emergence of a woman defence chief, there’s more to the phenomenon than greater equality.

Military dictatorships, countries involved in international conflicts and those with large military budgets relative to the size of their economies don’t put women in top defence positions, Barnes and O’Brien found: “Large military expenditures suggest a political climate that is not conducive to changing norms of female exclusion.” In four of the five European countries that currently have female defence ministers, the size of the armed forces has recently shrunk faster than in the U.

“We’re down here watching these guys sweating their butts off …