It’s a city steeped in medieval history, with some gorgeous buildings.

Here’s eight reasons why you should visit Lubeck on your next European city break.

You normally can leave things in the crock pot and walk away, but this requires some turning early on and obviously some shredding in the later hours: If your pork shoulder is closer to 8 pounds, you may need a longer cooking time and vice versa for smaller cuts of meat.

You can gorge yourself at Lubeck’s Niederegger cafe and museum – where the range of cakes and marzipan on sale is mind-blowing.

We recommend their original marzipan cake, but the variety is staggering, and it’d be rude not to try at least three different ones.

Now, the European Hanseatic League Museum is entirely dedicated to its history, and effortlessly combines history with interactive attractions and immersive sets that effortlessly transport you back to the Europe of old.

It’s extremely accessible too, with British Airways, Easy Jet and German Wings among those offering daily flights to Hamburg from London.

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