Cocoa Pods manages library dependencies for your Xcode projects.

updating ruby mac-85

RVM is a tool for installing different versions of Ruby itself.

RVM has the following advantages: The RVM install page has comprehensive instructions for installing RVM that work on Mac OS X. The first step is to install the mpapis public key.

Override the Ruby version anytime: just set an environment variable. Your application's executables are its interface with ops.

With rbenv and Bundler binstubs you'll never again need to in a cron job or Chef recipe to ensure you've selected the right runtime.

Although Ruby ships with mac OS, there isn't a clean way included in the operating system to update and manage Ruby environments (i.e., gem files and Ruby versions). The version of Ruby that ships with mac OS is usually out of date, and since we're going to need at least the latest version of Ruby—and will have to manage gems (Ruby libraries)—some form of Ruby version management is required.

Plus, in some cases, our hacking tools will require a specific Ruby version to run properly, and that means we'll need more than one functioning Ruby version.

Now that we have Git and Homebrew under our belts, it's time to take on something fairly easy, but very important for our hacking needs.

Ruby is an object-oriented scripting language used to write powerful projects such as Metasploit and WPScan.

Specify per-application environment variables with rbenv-vars. Please make sure to fully uninstall RVM and remove any references to it from your shell initialization files before installing rbenv.

If you're on Mac OS X, consider installing with Homebrew.

The Ruby version dependency lives in one place—your app—so upgrades and rollbacks are atomic, even when you switch versions. rbenv is concerned solely with switching Ruby versions. A rich plugin ecosystem lets you tailor it to suit your needs. Once rbenv has determined which version of Ruby your application has specified, it passes the command along to the corresponding Ruby installation.