Many people assume that if they’ve been with an employer for several years that their reputation precedes them.

They think that if they’ve streamlined processes to save time and money or generated sales revenue or cut down on employee turnover people will know.

List the company one time with the full date range you have been with that company 2.

Then, list each job title with the dates you were in that role 3.

Under each role, list responsibilities you held – the goal here is to show a in terms of what you’ve been working on over time.

In most cases, the current job has the most responsibility/ownership and the first one has the least. However, we all know that sometimes titles change but the role itself really doesn’t – I still suggest trying to differentiate them as much as possible.

After the company name and location, list your job titles and the corresponding dates in reverse chronological order.

Following that, list your achievements with the company.Activities like training, supervising and mentoring staff; participating in company leadership or management development programs; any outside professional development or certifications.2) Look back at your position or positions with your current employer with an eye toward any challenges you faced.There are a couple of different ways that you can indicate that you’ve held two positions under the same employer.If the duties of the two positions were significantly different, you can use the employer as the heading and the position titles as two separate subheadings with bullets under each subheading describing the work of each position.Hopefully, you also know some, if not all, of the players that might include the hiring manager, the HR team, and anyone else with influence.