Above all, we value your privacy: Good Reader’s commitment is to never monitor users or activity.We aim to be the most privacy focused i OS productivity tool in the market.

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We never ask for your personal information and there are no usernames or profiles. Good Reader is undoubtedly the most powerful, versatile, and useful file management / general productivity app for i OS.

Between being able to connect to my i Pad and / or i Phone via FTP or web interface to upload and download files to or from my device and being able to truly manage and organize my files in a way that any Mac or Windows user can understand this app quickly became an absolute necessity for me.

Please refer to the instructions below for the manual download.

To check the current software version of your NOOK 1st Edition, please click here for additional instructions.

Learn how to check the software version and see official versions for the HTC Radar 4G.

Find out more on this page: Beginning February 15, the Radar 4G received a software update to 1600.2200.20402.531.

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We recommend upgrading your hardware to get the most of the Square app.

For more information on updating your i OS, visit Apple’s Support site.

If you don't have a registered NOOK 1st Edition, or if you don't have Wi-Fi connectivity, you can manually download the software update to your computer and then copy it onto your NOOK.