Now, the computer is an i Mac early 2006 model with a Core Duo (not Core 2 Duo) 1.83 GHz processor. It's currently running Tiger but I know it can be upped to Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and it would be the last update for this model. Also, I don't think Time Machine is on Tiger - is there a backup utility on Tiger that anyone knows of so that I can back it up just in case? Mac OS X Leopard (version 10.5) is the sixth major release of Mac OS X (now named mac OS), Apple's desktop and server operating system for Macintosh computers.Leopard introduces a significantly revised desktop, with a redesigned Dock, Stacks, a semitransparent menu bar, and an updated Finder that incorporates the Cover Flow visual navigation interface first seen in i Tunes.

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So it’s really up to the end users, either save money and upgrade directly, or go the other route and you’ll be out $140.

Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard is a great upgrade and it’s one I would highly recommend installing on any compatible Mac.

Then 10.5 Leopard came out with its fancy new features and power hungry visuals – but under the hood, in an everyday situation, how does it compare? I even ran both on the same machine to give it a fair comparison: an Intel i Mac Core Duo 1.83 GHz with 2 GB of RAM.

As you might expect, Tiger (version 10.4.11) flew along.

Enter Geek’s guide to installing Snow Leopard, the definite resource for Mac fans eager to tame Apple’s big cat.

First of all, you’ll be delighted to know that the Snow Leopard upgrade installs on Tiger Macs after all, despite Apple’s insistence that it’s strictly for Leopard people.Leopard was released on October 26, 2007 as the successor of Tiger (version 10.4), and is available in two editions: a desktop version suitable for personal computers, and a server version, Mac OS X Server.It retailed for 9 Leopard was superseded by Snow Leopard (version 10.6).Although Apple said Tiger users should either upgrade to Leopard before moving to Snow Leopard or migrate directly, using the 9 Mac Box Set (containing Snow Leopard, i Life ’09, and i Work ’09), WSJ and Wired have discovered that a Tiger system can be upgraded directly to Snow Leopard via a standalone installer provided on the upgrade disc, resulting in a 0 saving over the Mac Box Set.If you’re planning to upgrade household Macs, go with Family Pack versions of Snow Leopard and Mac Box Set, and 9, respectively.Lucky customers who bought a qualifying Mac or Xserve from Apple or an Apple Authorized Reseller between June 8, 2009 and the end of the program on December 26 can get Snow Leopard through the Up-to-Date program for only .95 (free shipping) plus applicable sales tax.