Once burned with this newer firmware, they will also play back with fewer errors on DVD players.

DVD burners use special "write strategies" in their internal drive firmware to customize the way their laser works with each different brand of blank DVD.

First, visit the UConnect upgrade site, whose URL may have changed since we posted this.

Put in your VIN number (you do have that in Last Pass, 1Password, or such, right?

Since HP constantly updates firmware you would normally have to fumble around the HP site and re-download either the updated ISO or the individual update.

Now, this can be a big pain if your internet connection is provided by a T1.

If performed correctly, there will be no loss of system or user data on the drive.

However, if the firmware process is interrupted for any reason, your solid state drive may not function properly.Once the ISO is downloaded you would now have to find a computer with a CD/DVD burner and fish around for some blank CD/DVD’s.While most customers will wait to visit their dealer to upgrade the firmware of their UConnect systems, it’s not required for those who have connected USB drives in their recent Chrysler, Jeep, Ram, or Dodge.In order to upgrade the firmware of your device the following requirements must be met.Requirements: - Access to a PC capable of writing one of the following formats CD-R/CD-RW/DVD-R/DVD-RW/DVD R/DVD RW - Access to a PC capable of extracting ZIP archive files.However, it is complicated and somewhat time consuming.