He was the closest we had to a sure thing, and hell, he was practically a guarantee amongst a cast filled with his flavor-of-the-week co-stars Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher.As expected, Grace was the first main cast member to leave , departing before the show’s eighth and final season. His natural charisma carried the decent sitcom (which regularly but barely overcame its heinous, overblown laugh track), and Topher, intent on Hollywood stardom, began his path of taking whatever Paul Rudd roles Paul Rudd didn’t feel like taking.The film will be a romantic comedy, which tells the story of “two outsiders — a misunderstood street performer (Chris Messina) and the soft spoken zoo worker who falls for him.” Fischer will play the role of the zoo keeper, while Akerman will play her older sister, who pushes her towards dating a pompous motivational speaker (Topher Grace).

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Producer Molly Hassell said: “There are so many great projects out there which never make it to the silver screen.

We’re thrilled that this indie film, which is a completely unique and interesting story gets to be told.” Kirk, who comes from a theater background recently wrote and produced the award-winning short film THE MAN WHO INVENTED THE MOON as well as MAYBE IT’S ALBUQUERQUE, HERCULES, and the independent feature film PANTS ON FIRE.

Fischer is also producing alongside Molly Hassell (VAMPS, EDMOND), Michael Nardelli and Brent Stiefel (GRASSROOTS).

Written and directed by Lee Kirk, the film also stars Topher Grace (PREDATORS, VALENTINE’S DAY, SPIDERMAN 3), Malin Akerman (COUPLE’S RETREAT, WATCHMEN) and Chris Messina (GREENBERG, JULIE AND JULIA, VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA).

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Even though it wasn't as epic without Topher Grace and Laura Prepon joining Fez, Kelso, Hyde and Jackie, it was still pretty great to see the four back together. Filed under: Baby Blabber • Music Minute • Love Line • Jessica Alba • Selma Blair • Taylor Swift • Topher Grace • Nina Dobrev • Sarah Hyland • Hailee Steinfeld • Baby Bump Watch • Instagram • Gigi Hadid • Jaime King Calling all squad members!

Ch-ch-check out Kutcher and Masterson's longer reunion as they play brothers trying to run their family's business when movie in that same stretch of time. It seems Taylor Swift's squad was out and assembled on Sunday for Jaime King's baby shower.

Well, Sony clearly felt awful about treating the villain so unfairly, because it was announced on Friday that the Marvel character will be getting a franchise of his own! We're hearing that Dante Harper will be writing a script with Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach producing, and that if the first movie proves to be successful, a trilogy can be expected. The singer took to Instagram to share snaps of the whole crew at the festive event: Uhm, come again?!

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— and try to pinpoint the exact moment in which their once-promising career went off the rails.], a late-90’s sitcom that arrived at the height of the Clinton years — a time when the economy was booming, the concept of 9/11 was still unthinkable, and nostalgia was at its utmost bankable, sharks jumped and unjumped alike be damned.

Hollywood's latest hookup is Topher Grace and Katie Cassidy.