The Super Bowl dominates the list of the most-watched programs in American television history, routinely drawing more than 100 million total viewers — even in the current era, where shows that attract more than 10 million are considered smash hits.The mania for all things related to the NFL's annual championship game spreads beyond game day.

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CBS later also pointed to the storied tradition of ads submitted in order to be rejected. ) Is that what CBS regards that as the more respectable response? said he was “blindsided” by that decision, since it was just an ad “about a guy who starts an online business”—a retired N.

But Man says it had the cash, and CBS was apparently willing to go back and forth with Focus on the Family until they come up with a script CBS could live with. ) Two men in jeans and football jerseys, watching a game, brush hands in a potato chip bowl. The ad referred viewers to the Snickers Web site, where they could vote on alternative “After the Kiss” endings, including one in which the mechanics beat each other up. Watchers of sports may wonder how all those Go Daddy ads make it through various standards departments, what with the spots featuring a highway patrolwoman unzipping her clothes and college guys given the power to put the lady from the dean's office naked in the shower with Danica Patrick.

Those supplements are DHEA, an anabolic agent, and the stimulant synephrine.

NFL spokesman Brian Mc Carthy told USA TODAY Sports this week that, "We have told FOX it may not air in Super Bowl or any NFL programming."The NFL's rejection of the ad caught GNC, who paid $5 million for the 30 second ad, by surprise.

The entertainment media speculates about what the halftime show will entail.

And seemingly everyone — from casual fans to the New York Times — talks about the commercials.

(For this reason, the Tebow ad may be more oblique than many expect.)Really, though, the Man Crunch content seems relatively harmless, by Super Bowl standards, although Atlantic Wire notes that liberals are divided over its merits. Their eyes meet, they kiss—or, as the put it, engage in “a male make-out session.”In 2007, CBS accepted a Snickers Super Bowl ad which had a similar set up, with two mechanics who accidentally kiss while sharing a chocolate bar. Go did have one of five Super Bowl ads it submitted rejected this year.

University of Phoenix Stadium for the Super Bowl, they will see two 48- by 14-foot digital billboards featuring a couple of buff men in a locker room, holding footballs.

Just ask GNC as it was announced a commercial from the company will not air during Super Bowl LI due to the league's stance on performance enhancing drugs.

Two of the substances on the NFL's list of more than 100 banned substances are sold at the nutrition and dietary supplement giant's stores.

"We sent the spot to Fox on Thursday one last time, and they cleared it," GNC executive vice president Jeff Hennion told USA TODAY.