The aim of the operation was to seize the German-held salient just north of the village of Fromelles.

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The image, which originated from a Sector 9 posh bungalow, first circulated on a Whats App group of domestic helps and then into the Whats App circles of the masters and mistresses of the domestic helps, and further, across the tricity.

Naturally, it led to an excitement tinged with fear in varied Whats App groups.

This was the year the National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore, launched an innovative citizen science programme, Migrant Watch (MW), of nation-wide surveys to study arrivals of these cuckoos and other avian migrants.

The cuckoo, which is a weak flier, adeptly utilises monsoon winds blowing from the Horn of Africa to migrate 1,500-2,000km to the Indian coastline.

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[PIC 1] London at the start of the Nineteenth Century was a city of superlatives.

It is located on the road towards VC Corner Cemetery and the Australian Cobber Memorial both of which are well indicated.

The Battle of Fromelles was a combined attack by British and Australian troops on 19-20 July 1916.

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The ‘rain bird’, celebrated in Indian folklore as the harbinger of the monsoons, has arrived in the tricity after a long migration from Africa!