Bland's untimely death in a jail cell on July 13 has everyone talking about civil rights in America.As we debate the boundaries of law enforcement's authority, I am reminded of my own recent run-in with a traffic cop.The driver and Howard were also found guilty of following too closely.

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Less than a week after July 4, a day when Americans celebrate our freedom and liberty, Sandra Bland was pulled over for a traffic violation.

The lawful traffic stop that escalated into an arrest and culminated in Ms.

As a visitor in any foreign country, I never expect my rights as an American to supersede those of the nation where I am traveling.

But things just didn't seem right when I was given a mandatory road-side breathalyzer test, just because I was speeding.

The Clutha district is awash with hundreds of job vacancies, including up to 350 at a Balclutha meat-processing plant.

And the district yesterday turned to Dunedin job-seekers to fill the vacant roles, as 13 Clutha employers met more than 50 Dunedin job-seekers in a speed-dating style job fair in the Dunedin Centre's Fullwood Room.Many of the available jobs were highly paid, he said, and included roles for people without any specific skills or qualifications.SFF meat-processing jobs would come with all the training needed, Miss Bray said.The bulk of the rest of the jobs on offer were also within an hour's drive of Dunedin and included roles in the primary industry, construction, trade, support services and consulting sectors.The job fair's goal was to marry Dunedin's population base with the Clutha-based job vacancies without stripping Dunedin of its people, Clutha Mayor Bryan Cadogan said.Nonetheless, the illegal high-speed dash on a South island highway has become an embarrassing campaign issue ahead of New Zealand's September 17 election.