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AS THE rollout of our national broadband network moves past the halfway point, the company is embarking on a charm offensive to address customer confusion and growing complaints.

Neither the retailers today, nor the NBN, offer guarantees on peak speeds.

As a wholesaler the NBN charges ISPs like Telstra a fee to access the network and another fee depending on how much bandwidth they want to purchase for their customers, or end users.

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"When you see 45,000 new homes being connected every week, the volume of people that have a poor experience or are seeing these speed reductions during the busy hours are more than ever, even though from a percentage point of view, it's reasonable." He believes at times expectations have not matched reality, and called on retail service provides like Telstra, Optus and TPG to have "a fair discussion" about what consumers are getting when they sign up to the network.

"If a retailer is sitting down with a consumer they need to be really clear what they can expect from their service," he said.

The amount of bandwidth purchased, known as the Connectivity Virtual Circuit (CVC) charge, plays a major roll in determining speeds.