Es psicólogo y científico social, y enseña en la Florida Atlantic University.

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The tips come thick and fast on everything from the jeans or Ts that a guy should wear to what he should avoid like the plague.

A training course that claims to give a specific list on how guys can get ahead with girls is a bold statement.

Like a good Irish sermon, each of these 100 secrets is meaningful, satisfying, and quickly delivered.

A pattern soon emerges: psychologist Niven (The 100 Simple Secrets of Happy People) relates a bit ... D., bestselling author of the 100 Simple Secrets series, is a psychologist and social scientist who teaches at Ohio State University. D., es el autor de los bestsellers internacionales Los 100 Secretos de la Gente Exitosa, y Los 100 Secretos de las Buenas Relaciones.

Gemini men are consummate flirters they usually can’t help themselves.

If you’re the type who avoids flirting or doesn’t flirt enough, he will quickly lose interest in you.

Gemini Man Secrets is an e Book for women who are in love with a Gemini man or are simply interested in dating one.

This program explains the affinity of your sign with a Gemini man’s and how you can strengthen your bond with him even if you’re not the perfect astrological match.

What are the essential qualities of a great relationship?