The FBI are searching for a perpetrator who threw an improvised explosive device through the window of an imam's office at the Dar Al Farooq mosque in Bloomington.Police were called shortly after 5am on Saturday following reports of an explosion as worshippers prepared for morning prayers.He also wrestled in World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) where he teamed with Iceman King Parsons as the Rock 'n' Soul Connection.

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Pressure is growing on Donald Trump to condemn the bombing of a Minnesota mosque as an act of terrorism.

Meanwhile, Mr Trump came under heavy fire for staying silent on the issue.

"The moment the smallest attack happens at an evangelical church in the US, Trump will stop everything and get on TV, but a mosque — silence," said one Twitter user.

They had a secretive affair and first slept together in a hotel room, when he told her: "It's the first time I've felt real for a long time." He left his wife Estelle (Pauline Yates) and children and moved into a London apartment with her..

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