Once the game is ended, users can rate their opponent, and users with higher ratings get rewarded with priority matching.

The new digital service Game Crush, which pairs gamers with a beautiful woman to play online games with, is a hit. The important point here isn't that young men will pay for the company of a cute gamer, but how the financial success of Game Crush will launch a virtual erotic gold rush for Apple (APPL) i Phone Face Time and other video chat services.

And some playdates have made over ,000 in the short time the beta has been live. The Game Crush blueprint can be applied to the tablet (gaming) and phone (webcam) combination and, as Game Crush has already raised a 0,000 angel round of funding, enterprising companies will be flocking to bring the gaming courtesan idea to the mobile for a couple reasons: Open SDK: Apple has opened up the Face Time software development kit, which increases the likelihood of a mobile Game Crush.

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For instance, a service could have a gamer connect to a working gal on i Phone Face Time and simultaneously play a game of Scrabble with her on the i Pad.

And Apple isn't the only platform with the growing phone/tablet base: According to Darren Murph of , Best Buy is making tablets its focus this holiday season, presumably from Toshiba, Texas Instruments (TXN) and countless other contenders.

Apple's biggest tablet adversary, Google (GOOG), has already made it clear that the Android platform will remain open.

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Tech Crunch Disrupt finalist Game Crush is launching its own take on the Chatroulette-like experience today with Crush-O-Matic.

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Speaking to Game Crush co-Founder Eric Strasser, Michael Arrington at says that "...despite the fact that the site is in a strict invite only beta, the money is rolling in.

More than one player has spent over ,000, says Strasser.

As we we wrote in our initial review of Game Crush, the startup aims to help the millions of male gamers out on the web hook up online with a gaming buddy of the opposite sex for a fee.