This book is considered a useful art-historical work, providing an introduction to a range of cultural currents which had, at least at that time, been under-documented.Home's first novel "Pure Mania" was published 1989 (Polygon Books), and details a neo-punk subculture obsessed with sex and violence.

In contrast, about 50% of 47, XXY cases and all 47, XYY cases are due to paternal meiotic nondisjunction [1–3].

While it is well known that the risk for trisomic offspring increases with advanced maternal age, a paternal age effect has been discussed controversially [4–8].

His unusual approach to wr Stewart Home (born London 1963) is an English writer, satirist and artist.

His unusual approach to writing is reflected in the readings he gives from his novels: he recites from memory, utilises ventriloquism, stands on his head and declaims his work and even shreds his own books at public appearances.

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A minimum of 1500 sperm cells per donor and probe was evaluated due to the low number of spermatozoa in the preparations.

Diploidy and disomy frequencies were in the same range as found in men aged 90%) of autosomal trisomies 13, 18, and 21 as well as for the 47, XXX condition, a maternal origin of the additional chromosome can be shown.

Each painting is of a word or phrase that Tompkins received in response to an email request for words and phrases that describe women.