I’ve lost track of how many glasses of champagne we shared before you tucked me into bed on our overnighters. I even linked my finances with you and have a credit card that bears both our names,” he wrote in an innovative blog about his “relationship with the airways company.“But, it appears I was more into you than you were into me.

I gave you my heart and, in return, you lost my luggage,” he continued.

Rahul's mainstream Bollywood films include Elaan and Raqeeb and his international credits include The Emperor's Club with Kevin Kline.

MTV Asia, VJ, 1994–1998 Asian Variety Show, Host, AVS TV Network, North America, 1999–2001 Discovery Week, Host, Discovery Channel, 2006 Khanna has also hosted numerous events like the IIFA Awards, the Miss India pageant, the Screen Awards, the Stardust (magazine) Awards, the Miss India Worldwide pageant, Naomi Campbell's Fashion for Relief show at Mumbai Fashion Week, the GQ (India) Men of the Year Awards 2009 & 2010, Teacher's Achievement Awards 2008 & 2010, The International Film Festival of India 2011, The Hello (magazine) Hall of Fame Awards 2011 and The Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards 2012, to name just a few.

At every given opportunity I would be at independent cinema houses, fringe theatres, galleries or music clubs and I made some very interesting friends along the way.

Those years really shaped my sensibilities and tastes.

I also studied film and video at the School of Visual Arts. WSJ: What appealed most about relocating to New York City? Khanna: It was the early 90s and it was an exciting and formative time.

It was my first experience of living on my own, that too outside of India, and I was intoxicated by the city and everything it proffered.When Rahul Khanna tweeted about his “breakup”, his fans were all over social media, offering the best remedies to deal with it.But there’s a twist in the tale—the 44-year-old actor was only talking about an airlines.WSJ: Was it refreshing to be in a place where most people probably don’t know who your dad is [actor and politician Vinod Khanna] and have related expectations? I remember my brother Akshaye and me being constantly pointed out as my dad’s kids and whispered about, everywhere we went.I don’t mind people approaching or engaging me in a public place but I hate being stared at. New York really gave me the space to grow into myself, and I recommend that anyone who has the opportunity should try and live there at some point during their adult life.Today, the actor took to Twitter and shared a rather heart-breaking news of his break-up with his partner of more than 20 years. Especially when you've been together for over two decades”, Rahul tweeted.