(g) A mistake shall not be rectifiable under this Rule if: (i) the mistake lies in the omission of one or more entire elements of the international application referred to in Article 3(2) or one or more entire sheets of the international application; (ii) the mistake is in the abstract; (iii) the mistake is in an amendment under Article 19, unless the International Preliminary Examining Authority is competent to authorize the rectification of such mistake under paragraph (b)(iii); or (iv) the mistake is in a priority claim or in a notice correcting or adding a priority claim under Rule 26 and 38.3.

(h) Where the receiving Office, the International Searching Authority, the International Preliminary Examining Authority or the International Bureau discovers what appears to be a rectifiable obvious mistake in the international application or another document, it may invite the applicant to request rectification under this Rule.

(e) In the case of a mistake in the request part of the international application or a correction thereof, or in a document referred to in paragraph (b)(iv), the competent authority shall, for the purposes of paragraph (c), only take into account the contents of the international application itself and, where applicable, the correction concerned, or the document referred to in paragraph (b)(iv), together with any other document submitted with the request, correction or document, as the case may be, any priority document in respect of the international application that is available to the authority in accordance with the Administrative Instructions, and any other document contained in the authority’s international application file at the applicable date under paragraph (f).

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91.2 Requests for Rectification A request for rectification under Rule 91.1 shall be submitted to the competent authority within 26 months from the priority date.

It shall specify the mistake to be rectified and the proposed rectification, and may, at the option of the applicant, contain a brief explanation.

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