Way too bloated & has lost the simplicity of use, the earlier version was nice & easy to use. One would think i Tunes would address these common (and devastating) errors in a new update..youd be wrong. I used to really like the program, as it worked well and was easy to use. I have to then go to my control bar, force it to close, and then re-open it to use it. Then, when I decide Im done with it, and click the x to close it? Last November or December it also decided to suddenly revert to a library it had saved a year before in September and I lost all the music Id put on it since then. I wish I could download the old version of i Tunes that actually rearange songs on a playlist from my phone. transferring songs from one computer to another is a pain. She recommended that users stick to the older versions of i Tunes or consider other music applications to organize the media.

V11 was a nasty surprise after doing the update recently, most definately rolling back a version or dumping ITunes player altogether if it wont allow me to choose which version. (Palm Pre) and possibly other phones/devices If anyone is having issues updating to version 8.2 make sure that you have updated ALL of your other updates first (Choose CUSTOM in Windows Update not EXPRESS and do all of your Mac OS X updates after a time machine back up of course....

Forget about the hassle of waiting for files to download and fill up your hard drive before you get round to organizing them. Choose what you want to listen to, or let Spotify surprise you.

It’s always a nightmare when Apple’s Official Tools start showing error.

Recently many i Phone,i Pad or i Pod users are coming across i Tunes error 3194 when you try to restore or update your i Phone,i Pad or i Pod using i Tunes.

You can download Absinthe 2.0 from this link for Mac, this link for Windows and this link for Linux.

Update 1: If you need help, check out our step-by-step guide to jailbreak your i OS device using Absinthe 2.0: As always, let us know how it goes in the comments.

Spotify Key Features: Playlists With Spotify, creating playlists is as easy as drag and drop.

Each new playlist is saved to your account, and will be accessible from wherever you use Spotify. The unregistered version displays ad banners during its runtime.

Just tried to DL 10 new podcasts and have been working on it for over an hour...locks up, and have to ctrl alt delete to restart itunes. This means that all of my operas will now have a gap inserted between each track instead of flowing freely.

Scroll bar not visable and when u try to update podcast settings the window opens but locks up so you cant close it and cant close itunes. This also applies to some rock/pop albums where the artist decided that they wanted the tracks to flow together seamlessly.

Furthermore, i Pod owners can access Apple's i Tunes Music Store via the software, making purchasing media and adding it immediately to your media library, a one-click process.

This may have put the nail in the coffin with itunes..IMHO the worse piece of sh.t software developed ever..they added cloud services but totally messed up everything else, and no album view..gone. The new interface is so far from intuitive that its a joke. The Search function tries to search as you type in each letter rather than waiting for you to type the name/album/artist and then pressing return. Also, we have lost the ability to set an album/playlist as "gapless".

i Tunes is a media player and organizer software for Windows platform from Apple that allows tight integration with the i Pod players.