Teens often think that strangers are the biggest threat but actuality is that most violent acts are committed by someone that knows the victim.In an effort to get to know each other better, we will agree to abide by this dating contract.If you chose a short time frame, you may not have enough time to consider all these options. Pick and choose the suggestions you want, consider all of them, or of course, make up your own.1.)Discover what the other person’s “outside the relationship” interests are.

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Where do you set boundaries & rules for your own children?

How do you even bring up the awkward conversation of dating and sex?

Different events, time of year and even the weather can influence our timing, therefore the following suggestions are in random order.

We will complete as many suggestions as we can and make up more if we feel they would be appropriate.

This contract is in no way intended to provide a means to commit to each other while also providingan easy way out.

This contract is intended to be, and should be thought of as serious and comparableto marriage, including an exclusive sexual relationship and a promise not to be intimate with another.

Have you thought about what rules and guidelines your children will have when they start dating?

Use i MOM’s Dating Worksheet to make your views clear, and to learn your kids’ beliefs about dating.

You are looking for a balanced life here, not an obsession to be with someone, no matter how“hot” you think they are, or how afraid you may be that they might find someone else because you are notwith them constantly. Too much of anything, even a goodthing can be very bad.