YOU CAN SUE A PAYDAY LOAN COMPANY FOR FALSELY THREATENING HOT CHECK CHARGES In the payday loan situation, it is almost impossible to violate either hot check law.

And it is illegal for a payday loan company to threaten to prosecute you when you haven’t broken the law.

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A payday loan that I was making payments every month on because my account was negative, just called and acted like a second party to the collection effort.

She said I had until noon to pay the balance of $732 or I needed to contact an attorney because writing a check over $200 in the state of Texas is a serious offense. anyway, I called the lender and found out the woman is in the collection dept for that lender.

The primary purpose of Worthless (Hot) Checks in the Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney’s Office is to receive complaints of theft arising from the passing of worthless checks and to develop those complaints into prosecutable cases.

The staff conducts investigations that ordinarily involve obtaining and analyzing documentation, and as necessary, interviewing witnesses.

The Criminal District Attorney’s Office returned $800,000 to victims, through its restitution account, for criminal offenses not related to worthless check complaints The Worthless Check Department hours are a.m. Belknap Street Fort Worth, TX 76196 817-884-1603 Generally speaking, a potentially prosecutable worthless check is one that is given in the immediate exchange for property or money, or is one given to induce the performance of service or, in special circumstances, at the immediate conclusion of a service.

Eligible bad checks include: Filing a Hot Check Complaint There are certain procedures which must be complied with before this office can accept a “hot check” for prosecution.

TEXAS ISSUANCE OF BAD CHECK LAW – PENAL CODE 32.41 You violate this law only if you write a check (or authorize a payment) and you know at the time you write the check (or authorize the payment) that the check or payment will bounce.

In the payday loan situation, where you authorize a payment to be deducted on some date in the future, the only way you could possibly break this law is if you actually knew, at the time you authorized the payment, that the payment would bounce.

The forms must be fully read, sworn to and signed before a Notary Public.

If filing your complaint in person, our office can provide a notary.

A fee anywhere from - per 0 borrowed is charged for an average loan of 0.