Single people can also practice polyamory and the term Solo-Poly has been coined for this.

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When a couple living together decide to open their relationship, one or both can take on other love interests.

The other love interests are sometimes called the Other Significant Other(s).

There are many special terms that the polyamorous community uses to describe relationships and relationship issues.

Understanding some of them can help you understand the issues facing the lifestyle.

Ethical non-monogamy, is having more than one active sexual partner, again with the knowledge and consent of all persons involved.

Polyamory usually but not always involves more than one sexual partner, thus someone polyamorous may be practicing ethical non-monogamy.

By the time we reached Sweet Olenka’s, my partner and I still had room for vegan (coconut-milk) birthday-cake ice cream.

There are many on-line resources of various types related to open relationships.

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