You typically create a database during Oracle Database software installation.

However, you can also create a database after installation.

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The delimiter character and the quote character, as well as how/when to quote, are specifed when the writer is created.

These same options are available when creating reader objects.

This can be partially managed with log alerting and parsing tools.

Such tools often alert you to unusual log entries, and merely summarize the rest.

As a buddy of mine always says "the nice thing about standards is that there's so many to choose from". CSV, of course, stands for "Comma Separated Values", more often than not though, it seems that CSV files use tabs to separate values rather than commas. If you deal with CSV files and you use Python the module can make your life a bit easier.

Dealing with CSV files in Python probably couldn't be much easier.

Loader Installer: ZIP Loader Wizard: ZIP TGZ To use the Wizard, 1) download and install the script into your web space, then 2) launch the script in your browser.

The Wizard will give guidance on selection and installation of the correct Loader package.

Log files are used for audits, for evidence in legal actions, for incident response, to reduce liability, and for various legal and regulatory compliance reasons. Web logs may be useful for marketing and website design, and so on. ) can use the logging daemon ), time-stamp, filter, store, alert, and forward logging data.

When upgrading or deploying new (or newly configured) services, log data can be valuable in finding problems quickly. Syslog has the added benefit of somewhat standardizing log file formats, making it much easier to examine log data with various standard tools.

Be sure to learn where your hosts keep their log files, as the directory is different for different flavors of *nix. However it would be foolish to try to read all log data, all the time.