This year’s party is a collab with Jakarta designer Fajar P. Ubud casual fine dining restaurant Bridges is hosting a charity lunch to support local nonprofit, Solemen Indonesia.

Finding a footing for the label in a fast evolving music industry was tricky, but when a young jazz singer called José James pressed his demo – a cover / reworking of Coltrane’s classic ‘Equinox’ into Gilles’ hand – Gilles had an instinct that he could be a star.

It was a breakthrough release for the label, as José broke into the mainstream consciousness across mainland Europe.

Go “back to black” at Bali’s hip jazz club, Paris Cat.

The evening will be a full-on tribute to the late Amy Winehouse, with Dee Dice quartet giving you the feels. It’s not hard to find a smoothie bowl in Bali, especially in Canggu, but we’re always curious to check out the latest development on the smoothie bowl front.

In trying to clear the Coltrane re-workings for his album, Brownswood hooked up José with Alice Coltrane’s nephew, whose debut track ‘Tea Leaf Dancers’ we had just licensed for the second volume of Bubblers.

His name was Flying Lotus and the pair went on to record the foundations of José’s sophomore album ‘BLACKMAGIC’.If you’re as curious as we are, go to the grand opening party of Bali Bowls & Smoothies in Berawa on Saturday.Free food and drinks until pm, live acoustic music until 8pm, and an art exhibit by Lotta Waves are what’s on the menu.All those festivities in the sun will of course make you hungry and thirsty, but a bar and food stand will keep you up on your feet so you can behold the stunning ornaments and interactive decorations.SG and study association Lucid join forces to bring you this ill shit.Brownswood Recordings is the independent label belonging to the DJ and broadcaster Gilles Peterson.