All political parties who ruled Karnataka made it a point to always to listen to her.

About 85% of sexually active women who do not use contraceptives become pregnant within a year.

A woman can also become pregnant while breastfeeding and from about 10 days after childbirth and even during her menstruation.

DIAPHRAGM is a rubber disk with a flexible rim that covers the cervix and must be used together with spermicide.

It is available by prescription only and must be sized by a health professional.

Intelli Gender, the Plano, Texas, creator of the "Boy or Girl Gender Prediction Test," says scientists isolated certain hormones that when combined with a "proprietary mix of chemicals" react differently if a woman is carrying a boy or a girl.

It claims that within 10 minutes of taking the urine test, a woman will be able to tell her baby's gender.

The reforms also enhanced the coverage of offences for using a carriage service, such as the internet, for sexual activity with a child or for child abuse material.

AFP investigations may also focus on Internet sites carrying child abuse material and operated from an ISP in Australia.

Parvathamma Rajkumar, the wife of the legendary Kannada superstar Dr Rajkumar, died on Wednesday morning — — after suffering from multiple organ failure. Parvathamma's funeral will be held next to her husband Rajkumar’s memorial at Kanteeveera Studio and her eyes would be donated as per Rajkumar’s wish.