The DMV can also update the address on your voter registration when you change your address with us if you move within the same county.

Nevada issues licenses that comply with the federal Real ID Act of 2005.

Please Note: If your current status is "Not Valid" you may not be able to renew a driver license.

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When you apply for a driving licence or learner permit it is issued in the name and address you supplied at that time.

If you subsequently change your name or address, it is possible to exchange your current licence or permit for an updated one.

Notifying postal authorities will not provide the information to us.

By failing to notify us, you could miss the renewal date of your license.

However, if you do not want your residence address to appear on your driver's license or photo ID card, you may provide DMV with an alternate address in addition to your residence address. You may purchase a new driver's license or photo ID card showing the address change.

You may also obtain a revised vehicle registration card.

If you currently have a standard license and you complete your address change online or by mail/fax, your new license or ID will be marked "NOT FOR FEDERAL OFFICIAL USE." See The Real ID Act in Nevada for more information.

If you wish to obtain a first-time Real ID license or ID card, you must visit a DMV office and submit proof of identity and address.

You have to supply documentary evidence of the change.