Your petition must be well drafted, must argue the law, and must be fully supported with documents and evidence to convince the Court that you do not deserve continued registration.

The information that can be provided is listed in Wyoming Statute 7-19-303(c)(iii).

That information is currently available on the Wyoming Sex Offender Registry public website.

Any other information that the department deems necessary to aid law enforcement or furthers the interests of public protection.

Information under this paragraph shall only be made available to the department and law enforcement.

Sex Offender Registration Removal in Washington If you are currently required to register as a sex offender you may be able to ask the Court to remove that requirement.

After a minimum of ten or fifteen years in the community adult offenders without any new criminal offenses are eligible to ask the Court to remove this requirement.A person’s tier level does NOT have any effect on whether the person is subject to the 2,000 ft law, how long they are required to register, or any other element of sex offender registration.It is used ONLY to determine how often the person must update registration information.Once a person is in the registry, he or she faces a thicket of reporting requirements lasting anywhere from five years to a lifetime.In many states, sex offenders must report their place of employment or schooling, which may then be listed online alongside their home address. If they’re convicted of a less serious crime—indecent exposure, for example—usually they only have to make an annual visit to a police station.We have successfully convinced courts to relieve clients of their registration obligations for a wide variety of sex offenses in adult and juvenile court.