However, Horan has now called time on their romance because he is too busy with his pop career to be in a relationship.

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Besides Niall and Amy, there were two other major players involved pretty much every time they showed up together. The other is Darren who knew Niall from Mullingar, was rumored to be Amy’s good friend, and who also was suspected to be dating Amy or Georgia.

There was a lot of confusion over what exactly Darren and Amy’s, and Niall and Amy’s relationships were. However, the picture Amy posted clearly isn’t from Sep 27th.

During a recent interview, Louis Tomlinson proclaimed: "Niall's the best kisser in the band!

" When asked if he would accept this coveted title of "Best Kisser in One Direction," Horan responded: "Dunno. " So if Khachnik is telling g the truth, who do you think Niall is dating?

(Photo : reuters) Members of boy band One Direction, (L-R) Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson, pose for photographers at the world premiere of their film "One Direction: This is Us", in London August 20, 2013.

One Direction's Irish crooner Niall Horan has been romantically linked to plenty of young beauties over the years of his fame.

I've never kissed myself." "You know what, Niall is a secret ladies' man," Liam Payne said. All of the evidence point to Ellie Goulding, right?

When asked about the romance rumors in an interview last month, Goulding responded: "Oh God I knew this was coming. I won't ever talk about my love life any more because it's always then gone wrong when I have in the past." Again, it definitely looks like Niall's "secret girlfriend" is Ellie, but you never know!

Demi Lovato, Amy Green, Laura Whitmore, Louise Thompson and Ellie Goulding are just some of the rumored girlfriends he has had, with the "Burn" songstress currently holding the alleged title.

But a new interview with the manager of One Direction's personal trainer Mark Jarvis, Ramzy Khachnik, revealed Niall could have a "secret girlfriend" of sorts!

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