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As part of the biodiversity conservation project which Montserrat National Trust (MNT) is running in collaboration with RSPB (The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) we would like to evaluate knowledge of general public LIVING on island about Montserrat’s natural environment.

If you are living in Montserrat (staying on island more than 6 months per year), , we…

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Montserrat National Trust lost one of its benefactors with the passing of Joseph Sturge VIII, earlier this month.

We are home to a unique collection of contemporary and archive photography, illustrating National Trust places and people with all the rich diversity of our buildings, gardens, landscapes, collections and activities.

National Trust Images contemporary photographs are commissioned from some of the UK's finest professional photographers.

We also house an archive of over 600,000 images depicting every chattel from our historic houses, from light fittings and furniture, to textiles and paintings.

This National Trust Images website is the place to order images for reproducing images from the National Trust.

The property is perfect for dinner parties and is a much sought after wedding venue by brides.