All address and animal detail changes will be updated as soon as practicable on the next business day once the new data is received.

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However, if a pet’s microchip information isn’t registered or up to date, that animal can still remain unidentified and unclaimed.

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) teamed up in 2013 and launched “Check the Chip Day” to remind pet owners to update their pets’ microchip registration information.

We believe in the products and services we offer, and endeavour to constantly improve them to offer the best solution to you.

Call AVID on freephone 0800 652 7 977 to find out more about how AVID pet Micro Chips can benefit you and your clients Get a quote now I have found transferring microchip details to the new owners very easy to do.

Your vet should record in the ‘Others’ section of the pet passport that your pet has been re-chipped.

You must get a new pet passport if your pet is re-chipped because its microchip can’t always be read.

The aim has not changed, but the products have evolved to include a choice of two implantation products to better suit your requirements.

To complement the high quality Micro Chips, AVID Micro Chip scanners have been designed to include models which suit all types of environment and that are appropriate for your needs.

The AVID Mini Tracker is perfect for most applications due to its compact size, easy to use design, extended read range and most notably that it reads all four current companion animal Micro Chip standards from around the world.

Whether you are implanting and registering pet Micro Chips or handling stray or found pets, you always have to consider the Micro Chip database that will be handling those details.

Your vet should try to read the microchip - if they get a reading they can then re-chip your pet (the original chip isn’t removed).