They share a daughter whom they named Olivia Weatherly who was born in April 2012.

It not only takes you to cloud nine but breaks your heart as well.

When there are a number of people who couldn’t enjoy married life with their loved ones, there are some whose love life is something very envious.

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She exchanged the vows with NCIS star Michael Weatherly in September 2009.

They were dating since very long as they were in a long-term relationship with zero problems for two years.

E." Which ran from 1964-1968, for his role as Ilya Kuryakin.

This is because his Father disapproved of his decision to become an Actor.4.

Actor David Mc Callum,who plays Ducky, was Nominated for THREE awards in his FIVE year run on "The Man from U. Unfortunately, he and his real life father are estranged just like his character and his father (played by Robert Wagner) are on the show.

This was referenced on NCIS S:2 EP:13 at the mark When Kate asks Gibbs what he thinks Ducky looked like as a young man. Michael Weatherly, who plays Tony Dinozzo, actually comes from a wealthy family in real life.

Before his engagement, he dated the beautiful models Vanessa Marra and Rachel Hunter for a year. He started dating the Serbian writer, Bojana Jankovic back in mid-2008.

After a year of their love affair, they got married on Sep 30, 2009.

For some lucky people, they could get what they actually want and for some of them, they face a lot of complications in their life.