Police detain Sebahat Tuncel, co-chair of the pro-Kurdish Democratic Regions Party, during a protest against the arrest of Kurdish lawmakers, in the southeastern city of Diyarbakir, Turkey, Nov. (photo by REUTERS/Sertac Kayar) Watching the state of affairs in Turkey, one cannot help but wonder whether the country weathered a coup attempt in July or fell victim to a successful one.

This alarming question is fueled by three patterns of action the government has followed after the botched coup, using extraordinary powers made possible by its declared state of emergency.

Recall that in mid-November, we reported that in the latest 12 months we observed a record $375 billion in Treasury selling by foreign central banks in the period August 2015-September 2016, something unprecedented in size. $150,000.00 per family of five (all the while raking in record Federal tax collections). And with rates and thuse debt service load set to increase.

Fast forward to today when in the latest monthly update for the month of October, we find that what until a month ago was "merely" a record $375 billion in offshore central bank sales in the LTM period ending September 30 has, one month later, . Let's look at fairly recent history to decipher the future. Surely the USD will skyrocket into outer space forever, leaving the entire world in it's dust.

That was the good news, and we use the term loosely in as much as the custody account can be used as a proxy of foreign buying, which according to most rates watchers, it can. Now I am starting to function properly, and if I were to go down in altitude, I will grow massively stronger in all respects. Used to live up in the mountains in the Central Valley, and every time I climbed down, I noticed the difference with the lower valley folks. me--how much of the US population is aware, or cares, that US interest bearing debt is increasing annually by well ofover 1 trillion.

The bad news came out with the release of latest monthly Treasury International Capital data for the month of October, which showed that the troubling trend presented one month ago, has accelerated to an unprecedented degree. In fact a little over 12,000 feet is the highest elevation to which I have ever climbed. I noticed a striking difference in color intensities. ) (Mt Agassiz, San Francisco Peaks, just North of Flagstaff, AZ) Must be nice about now. I like it when people believe that they can change the facts by a vote..consensus. Then how many know or care or understand that China , Saudis and Belgium and som eothers are selling treasuries The media cannot report this. I don't think the average Joe knows that Obama in his 8 lost years increased the Federal debt by $30,000.00 per average Joe, i.e.

As Ankara has expanded its crackdown on opposition quarters and crossed some critical thresholds in what now seems a drive to lay the foundations of an autocratic regime, is the country at the ultimate breaking point with democracy? The judicial and administrative clampdown after the July 15 coup attempt has had as a target not only the putschists, but increasingly the media, opposition groups and the Kurdish movement as well. Writers and intellectuals of various stripes have landed behind bars on arbitrary and trivial grounds.

Twenty-four Kurdish mayors have been removed from office and replaced with government-appointed public servants.

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