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Always confirm your patient’s identity prior to giving any eye medication by verifying name and date of birth. Obtain the correct medication and double check that the correct drop is in your hand by reading the label. Refer to your facility’s policy on expiration dates to determine if a medication can still be used.

Also, obtain other necessary items such as facial tissues or gauze pads. Perform good hand hygiene with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Inspect the medication for cloudiness, discoloration, and precipitation.I also link our policies to it so if nurses want to look at a procedure they can, but they also can go further by making one click to see the policy unique to our organization.” “I’ve used Lippincott Procedures when I was in nursing school over 30 years ago.Lippincott is a name recognized by almost everyone in nursing.• Weekly updates with the latest need-to-know drug facts so you always stay current• Easy-to-spot Black Box warnings and clinical Alerts• Fast and easy search via the Search Bar or by category (Therapeutic/Pharmacologic Class, Combination Drugs, Canadian Drugs)• Photo Guide containing images of 455 of the most commonly prescribed tablets and capsules• Free online Dosage Calculator to double-check drug calculations• Easy-to-use tools (Notes, Favorites) to create your own customized drug database.Find answers fast to better safeguard against med errors…When you download nursing’s most trusted drug reference, you’ll have access to over 6,180 recent clinical changes to drug information, including...• 1,001 NEW facts on adverse reactions and dangerous interactions• 303 NEW nursing considerations and patient-teaching facts• 752 NEW facts on indications and dosages.Eye medications such as drops and ointments are used for diagnostic and therapeutic reasons.