If you or anyone you know might be interest get in touch with Atif here [email protected]‘We’d highly recommend working with Getinfluence’Brand Manager, MOMA Foods Getinfluence ( is only a few months old as the business pivoted half-way through Ignite but they have been seriously busy and have already launched 4 campaigns with national brands.The results have been amazing and as you can see from the testimonial above, the brands are really excited by the power of Getinfluence.

They are currently in the process of signing of a £120,000 round and with a new board of advisors and investors they plan to expand into 75 schools over the next 12 months and make several key hires too.

Kate Heal is joining Lumici as the new COO (previously Head of Operations for Frog Education) who will be a fantastic addition to the team, and Lumici are also looking to hire a Business Development Manager and Customer Success Manager in the coming months.

An update to the Google data anomalies page dated February 7 specifically mentions the issues in France and Germany: “The design and behavior of Google image search results was standardized to match the design and behavior in all other locations.

As a result, there may be an adjustment in click counts for image search result data for searches from Germany and France.” A spokesperson from Google told Barry Schwartz of SEO Roundtable that Google has “recently rolled out the updated UI for Image Search to some other countries.” They did not reveal to Schwartz why there was a four year gap between the US roll out at the international roll out.

There was one change that we decided not to ship with this release.

Work was done to produce 64bit windows installers, but complications exist when you attempt to upgrade previously installed 32bit versions.

This release signifies our continuing effort to produce stable 4.1 series releases while work continues on the next major release.

A changelog denoting 18 resolved issues is available and you can download the release builds from our website.

Plus, read up on Glory refunds for Talents purchases, four brand-spanking-new skins and item & talents balance.

Reza is a fiery assassin who melts enemy heroes by stringing together a series of devastating abilities.

Over the last month Artwishlist have started digitalising artists’ official artwork catalogues — where 98% of this data currently remains offline, they intend to bring all of this online to create the single, most comprehensive digital library of fine art.