"I just look at her as another opponent at the end of the day." Said their mother and coach, Oracene Price: "Well, you know, she's going to have to learn how to suck things up.Say, 'OK, I'm not going to win everything.'"(Oprah.com) -- If you heard there was a weapon proven to prevent most crimes before they happen, would you run out and buy it?

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And now, we go to sleep, and boom, there she is, right in our bed. But I guess I didn't realize how much his mother was going to be a part of our lives...until now. But I guess I didn't take the time to think how things would really be between us.

Robert James Sr.: Look, baby, I know what you're saying, okay? Tia Jewel: When you asked me to marry you, I just took that ring, put it on, and I said yes, because I love you so, so much.

Which, it turns out, was the way she tried to view Venus.

That the champion's trophy stayed in the family did not ease the pain of defeat."It's definitely not any easier," Serena said.

But I'm definitely thinking about how my sister's feeling." No.

6 Serena, meanwhile, was sullen as could be afterward, as though she had just finished losing to a stranger.

Keri Hilson is smiling pretty big these days with her cute self after recently landing an endorsement deal.

She might forget words to important songs and ish but she’s definitely not forgetting how to sing contracts that add a few calories to them pockets. Read the rest of this entry » Keri Hilson and Monica looked absolutely beautiful two nights ago at Philips arena when the Lakers got their asses kicked by the Hawks.

Kobe has emerged as this generation’s Michael Jordan.